TRI-DEK Ring Panel Filter Advantages

TRI-DEK Ring Panel & Link Panel Air Filters

With TRI-DEK Ring Panel & Link Panel filters, the advanced
technology of multi-graduated laminated air filtration offers top-of-the-line
air cleaning at an economical price for home, commercial, institutional and industrial applications.

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TRI-DEK is a multi-denier, depth loading synthetic media, constructed into a self-supporting panel filter that offers an excellent alternative to pleated pre-filters. TRI-DEK offers better efficiency, longer service life, reduced shipping charges, reduced air bypass and fewer damaged filters than pleated air filters.

Available in 2, 3 or 4 ply panels that can be linked together as pictured to create one filter for the entire width of your air handler - virtually eliminating air bypass around the filter.

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Media Construction

A laminant of tough, durable variable denier "Dacron" synthetic fibers permanently bonded together for extraordinary efficiency and strength and durability. The upstream side of TRI-DEK 25/67 and 3/67 panels and link filters are constructed of heavy weight single denier polyester, 30% heavier than similar competitive brands (Type SS, Type M-3 and others).

The downstream layer is composed of a special needled all-polyester media that has dual and directional strength, insuring filter integrity as it becomes loaded.

TRI-DEK 25/67 panel and link filters are treated with "Super-Tack" adhesive ton enhance particle retention and increased efficiency.


  • Increased Efficiency vs. paper framed panel and pleated filters.
  • Total utilization of filter face area as opposed to 70% or less with paper framed panel or pleated filters.
  • Integral gasket selvage edge and exclusive friction fit prevent dirty air bypass and eliminate the need for additional hardware or holding clips.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-shedding. Will not support bacteria or mold growth as with paper filters.
  • Unitized heavy-duty internal wire frame and heat-sealed laminated construction eliminates filter collapse, fiber breakoff and possible contamination carryover.
  • Exceeds UL Class II Rating (Ref. R6378).

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Internal Frame

Heavy-gauge wire frame supports TRI-DEK filters, insuring structural integrity. Heat-sealed, laminated construction prevents fiber break-off, durt unloading and contaminated carry-over.



TRI-DEK internal ring panel and link filters are available in 2-ply, 3-ply, and 4-ply XL.




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